Some may say Iā€™m a dreamer, but I say not all those who wander are lost...

Hayley is a twenty something lifelong lover of social media and writing, and therefore decided to start a website as a way to acknowledge her true and inner passions that speak to fashion, food, beauty and travel.

Hayley was inspired to start her blog after recently graduating with a Masters in Professional Communications.  The program provided insight into the exploration and sharing of information through the art of multimedia, including online journalism.

As an admirer of photography and videography, it was only natural to begin a blog that seeks to inspire and encourage readers to share and celebrate the beautiful things in life!  Currently residing in Vancouver BC, Hayley now works freelance as a digital marketing specialist. Starting with strategy, Hayley will ensure her photography and/or videography will hone in on key messaging and create a story that is representative of your brand.